Exhibition: Old St Paul's Art

Feel free to come and join me at the exhibition opening of 'Old St Paul's Art' with refreshments on Thursday 12th April at 5pm.

Old St Paul's: 34 Mulgrave Street, Thorndon, Wellington. Open daily 9.30am-5pm

Old St Paul's is 151 years of age, and we are celebrating how the church has been portrayed over these wonderful years.

The artwork will be mixed media's, and will be both interior and exterior of the church. 

The exhibition is a group show of 16 artists whom are from different periods in time:

Sir Michael Fowler, Alfred Memelink, Marcus Ebbett, Bruce Haniel, Shirley Sutton, Brendan Grant, Nestor Opetaia, Peter Arnold, Peter Leitch, R Cowan, F J Niblock, Neil Harrap, Ethel Grady, Charlotte Youmans, Eleanor File, Cranleigh Harper Barton.

The exhibition will run for 2 weeks and dates are as follows: 13 -26 April
. Open from 9.30am-5pm daily. Please note: closed to the public for private events